The Festival


Lepanto Folk Festival constitutes of a meeting point of cultures from all over the world. For 7 days, Nafpaktos welcomes traditional dance groups and dances in the different rhythms of music from all around the planet. Dancers in their traditional costumes and with their distinctive culture compose a cultural mosaic and give a special meaning to this big celebration.

This Festival is being organized by the Social Cooperative Company “Go Nafpaktia”, whose aim is Nafpaktia’s touristic and cultural development through the organization of specific events, which they’ll bring out the indisputable advantages of our area.

This Festival is co-organized with Nafpaktia’s Municipality and it’s based on the noble contributions of quite many companies and businessmen who are actively engaged in the area.

Parallel Event:

Alongside with LEPANTO FOLK FESTIVAL will be held the International Contest & Festival “Step to a Dream”, for children and teenagers. This festival is organized for several years in the Soviet Union and it’s the second time to be held in another country. It is organized in collaboration with the “Institute of Intercultural Relations”.


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